What is Pastoral Juvenil Hispana?

The Pastoral Juvenil office serves as a branch of the office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry as it recognizes the large number of Young Hispanics in our Diocese and seeks to reach out to them in a culturally and linguistically sensitive fashion.  The Pastoral Juvenil office is dedicated to being a source for Spanish and Bilingual resources, events, retreats, workshops, and leadership development for Hispanic Youth and Young Adults.  Consequently, the Pastoral Juvenil collaborates with the Hispanic Ministry office as well as other regional and national Hispanic associations and events.  For example:  Our Diocese participates in SEPI’s, the regional office of Hispanic Ministry’s, book writing and leadership workshops for young adults and our Diocese is a member of La Red, the National Catholic Network for Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry. In addition, the Pastoral Juvenil strives to support the development of Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Groups in parishes as the need for such an outreach is identified and to help build bridges between young Hispanics and the parish communities at large.

Vision Statement: Intentionally seek out young Hispanics to engage them in parish life, accompany them in their walk of faith, build up strong young disciples of Christ, and send them out to be living examples of God’s love in the world.

Mission Statement: Love God.  Love others.  Make disciples.

“Creativity and diverse pastoral responses are needed to build this new way of being Church; no single model works for everyone, for although there is only one Gospel, it must penetrate the deepest roots of each culture.” –USCCB, Encuentro and Mission: A Renewed Pastoral Framework for Hispanic Ministry-

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Brittany Garcia speaks with Catholic Extension about the ministry to the Latino Community offered by the Diocese of Knoxville through Pastoral Juvenil.