Two days after hospital release, Bishop Stika celebrates Chrism Mass

Jim Wogan Cathedral, Diocese of Knoxville, News


Bishop Richard Stika celebrate Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on March 31.

Two days after his release from the hospital for a serious diabetic incident, Bishop Richard F. Stika celebrated Chrism Mass with priests from around the Diocese of Knoxville at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday, March 31.

Bishop Stika gave an inspiring homily about his recent illness and urged all of us to continue being the face and hands of Jesus, even in crisis.

The Chrism Mass is one of the most important liturgical events of the year—  bringing together the presbyterate, in unity with the Bishop, to renew their priestly vows and to bless and distribute Holy Oils used in the sacraments celebrated in each parish throughout the year.

Bishop Stika’s presence at the Chrism Mass is always significant, but it was given special attention this year due to his recent five-day hospital stay.

The Bishop was released from the hospital on March 29, and at that time he announced his intention to immediately resume his pastoral duties.