Tribunal of the Diocese of Knoxville

Welcome to the page for the Tribunal of the Diocese of Knoxville. Rooted in our knowledge of the canon law of the Church, our office exists to assist the Bishop in his administration of justice in the Diocese. The primary need addressed by the Tribunal is the processing of petitions for a declaration of marital nullity.

A couple years ago, Bishop Stika expressed his desire to erect a Tribunal for our own diocese. When the Diocese of Knoxville was formed in 1988, the Tribunal of the Diocese of Nashville, our mother diocese, maintained its competence to process annulment cases that emanated from the Knoxville diocese. Now, in order to bring things closer to home, Rome has approved the erection of our own Tribunal on July 1, 2020. Until then, we are still in the setup phase. This website, therefore, will be updated a number of times during this setup process.

We look forward to working with you and for you in the coming weeks and months. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions that you cannot find answers to here.

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