The Cathedral Construction Page

Thanks to the generosity of people across East Tennessee and elsewhere, construction on the first cathedral built in the Diocese of Knoxville is underway. The earth started moving on April 19, 2015 when Bishop Richard F. Stika, Cardinal Justin Rigali, Father David Boettner, and Catholic leaders like Cardinal Timothy Dolan, were joined by state and local dignitaries– including Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, to turn dirt in a ceremonial groundbreaking.

The diocese created by Pope John Paul II in 1988, that used a small parish church as its seat for almost 30 years, will soon have a new home and a symbol of Christ’s presence in East Tennessee that will shine for centuries to come.

Latest Videos

July 2017 – Harmonized movement on the construction site, from ground level into the dome

July 2017 – Rugo Stone of Washington, D.C., installs marble columns



More Videos

June 2017 – Stone Masons Lift the Limestone Exterior 

May 2017- Framing the Interior

April 2017- East Rose Window framed

February 2017 – By Wisdom a House Is Built

January 2017- Braving the Cold

December 2016 – Dome Construction Time Lapse

November 2016- Gilding the Cross

October 2016- Governor Haslam Visit

October 2016- A View on the Inside

September 2016- Dome Windows Rise

August 2016- Who wears the hard hats?

July 2016- Dome Construction Timelapse

May 2016- Take a Ride Upstairs

April 2016- The Steel Rises

April 2016- Aerial view of construction site

March 2016- Construction update

February 2016- Down the hole 

April 2015- Aerial view of construction site

April 2015- Bishop Stika construction update

April 19, 2015- Groundbreaking Ceremony/Mass


Photo Galleries

June 2017 – Interior Column Capitals Arrive/Acoustic Panels Hoisted into Dome

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June 2017 – Dome Revealed/Interior Takes Shape

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April 2017- Cupola Revealed

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September 2016

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June 2016

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April 2016

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Anniversary of Groundbreaking

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