Tennessee voters approve Amendement 1

Jim Wogan News

YOO2Amendment 1, which gives Tennessee state legislators the ability to better regulate abortion clinics, was approved by voters on Election Day, Nov. 4.

Amendment 1 is a pro-life amendment that neutralizes the extreme interpretation taken by the Tennessee State Supreme Court in 2000 in which they declared that our State Constitution guarantees the right to an abortion. Passage of this Amendment restores back to the voter the “life” decision that was taken from them by the Court decision.

The amendment had widespread support from the state’s religious leaders, including the Most Rev. Richard F. Stika, Bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville.

“Tennessee voters made the right decision on Tuesday when they showed their overwhelming support for life by approving Amendment 1,” Bishop Stika said in a statement.

“As leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville, I am grateful that a vast majority of Tennessee voters agreed that Amendment 1 was a moral issue of the greatest magnitude,” Bishop Stika added.

The Amendment passed with nearly 53 percent support.

“I was proud to join religious leaders of all faiths in the Volunteer State, encouraging prayerful reflection and education on a matter that protects the unborn and their mothers from an industry that, until now, was largely left unregulated and without proper oversight,” Bishop Stika said.

“Please join me now in prayer that state lawmakers understand the responsibility they have to their voters—and the unborn lives that they also represent.”

Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life, gave special credit to clergy and religious leaders throughout the state who made support for the Amendment a priority.

“In the end this could be characterized as pastors and pulpits in opposition to Planned Parenthood’s abortion-profiteering.  We owe a debt of gratitude to men and women of faith who refused to accept Tennessee’s designation as an abortion destination and who actively used their influence to promote the protection of innocent human life,” he said.