The Diocese of Knoxville Catholic schools’ curriculum goals are illuminated by the light of faith and grounded in the spiritual truths of sacred scripture and Catholic tradition.

Through the integration of Catholic identity, spiritual formation, and moral/ethical behavior, our Catholic schools implement a  rigorous curriculum focused on skills essential for students to become socially responsible global citizens. There is great emphasis on classical disciplines, development of creativity, problem-solving, decision-making and appreciation of truth and beauty in all aesthetic and cultural forms.

The framework for our curriculum is defined by the Diocese of Knoxville Grade Level Expectations,  the State of Tennessee Curriculum Standards, National Content Standards, and the Benchmarks for Academic Excellence propagated by the National Catholic Education Association. The Diocese follows a schedule for Curriculum Grade Level Standards and Expectations review and revision.

Diocesan Academic Standards

picture of booksEnglish/Language Arts

Diocesan Standards for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5
Diocesan Standards for Grade 6 through Grade 8
Diocesan Standards for High School - Grade 9 through 12
Diocese of Knoxville Supplemental Reading Resources
Diocese of Knoxville Reading/Language Arts Resources

Social Studies    

Diocese of Knoxville Academic Standards for Social Studies PreKindergarten through Grade 4
Diocese of Knoxville Academic Standards for Social Studies Grade 5 through Grade 8


Diocese of Knoxville Religion Curriculum Introduction
Diocesan Standards for Grades PK through Grade 8
Diocesan Standards for High School - Grade 9 through 12

The Diocesan Standards for the High School curriculum is based on the Catechetical Framework of the USCCB for high schools.

Grade 9 through Grade 12 Religion Standards

Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church


Diocese of Knoxville Science Standards Guiding Principles

Diocese of Knoxille Science Standards for PK through Grade 8
Diocese of Knoxville and State of Tennessee Science Standards for High School Grades 9-12

High School Standards

The State Board of Education sets the requirements for high school graduation. Per SBE Rule, students must achieve three high school level units of science in order to graduate with a high school diploma, including Biology I, either Chemistry or Physics, and one additional laboratory science course.

Biology I

Biology II

Human Anatomy & Physiology

Chemistry I

Chemistry II

Earth Science


Environmental Science


Physical World Concepts


Physical Science

Scientific Research

MathematicsMath clip art

State of Tennessee - Academic standards for Mathematics

Diocese of Knoxville - Mathematics Curriculum 2018


Health and Physical Education

State of Tennessee - Academic standards for Health and Wellness

State of Tennessee - Academic standards for Physical Education