Safe Environment Training Program

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Welcome and thank you for working and/or volunteering with an organization in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville.

Effective July 1, 2020, the Diocese of Knoxville has implemented the CMG Connect platform to administer the Safe Environment Program, which replaces the former Safe Environment Program (VIRTUS “Protecting God’s Children).

CMG connect is a new web-based platform that will assist us to ensure that all employees and volunteers who are in a position of trust with children and vulnerable adults within our schools and parishes are trained to recognize behavior patterns of potential abusers and provide pro-active measures for preventing abuse in any context.

“Safe Haven-It’s Up to You” is a three part video which provides vignettes of real-life situations to educate the viewer about methods of grooming, desensitization, bullying and neglect, all of which can lead to abuse.  Each part of the video is immediately followed by a brief questionnaire to further develop understanding.

Education is a key element of the Safe Environment program. All clergy, employees, contracted school personnel, volunteers, members of groups, and organizations over the age of 18, who work, volunteer or participate in any capacity are required to complete the Diocesan Safe Environment Training and a criminal background check before they may begin employment, volunteer, or participate with ministries, groups, and organizations.

In addition, the mandatory renewal training must be completed every 5 years and a new background check submitted before the 5 year expiration of prior training. The Diocese of Knoxville Safe Environment compliance training and renewal training is a condition of employment and for volunteer ministry in the Diocese of Knoxville.

The CMG Connect platform contains all three elements of the Diocese of Knoxville’s Safe Environment Program:

  1. Annual review of the Diocese of Knoxville’s Policy and Procedures Relating to Sexual Misconduct
  2. CMG Connect Safe Haven training program to be completed every 5 years
  3. Criminal Background Check to be completed every 5 years

In compliance with the Diocese of Knoxville’s Safe Environment Program, all affiliates require that volunteers and employees complete the following requirements prior to working and/or volunteering in a parish, school, The Paraclete or through Catholic Charities and/or St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic.

To register for the Safe Environment Program: 

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