Our Faith, Under Attack

The persecution of Christians, including Catholics, is happening in all parts of the world.  From the violent and horrific attacks on the Missionaries of Charity convent in Yemen in March 2016, to the legal and social challenges of our Christian values in the United States—the teachings of Jesus Christ, and those who chose to follow Him, are threatened.  UnderAttackB

With rare exception, the mainstream media has chosen to ignore these incidents and issues, often shoving them to the back page, as the never ending churn of the daily news cycle rolls forward.  In other cases, the media has chosen to actively participate in more subtle forms of Christian persecution, whether it comes in the form of anti-Catholic (so-called) humor in a television sitcom, the offensive lyrics of a song, or the seductive, win-at-all-costs lifestyle choices churned out by Madison Avenue.

Crucifixes are being removed from Churches in China.  Planned Parenthood kills 300,000 precious lives each year.  Priests have been assassinated.  Nuns are murdered.  Churches are burned.  Prayer is banned.  Family values are eroded.

The following links can provide insight into these issues, and perhaps offer inspiration to remain diligent in defense of our Catholic and Christian faith.



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