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Published on Jun 20, 2019
What is the priest thinking when you make your confession? Fr. Mike reveals the answer in this video from The 99, a simple three-part system will help you quickly and easily organize an effective, ongoing evangelization effort in your parish or community. Learn more at Featuring Mark Hart, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Leah Darrow, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, Fr. Josh Johnson, and more, this program will kickstart a movement within the walls of your parish and beyond.


In this piece, Fr. Mike shares his perspective on the sacrament of confession. He lets us see through his eyes how he views those who come to him.

  • Does he get frustrated when people confess the same sin over and over again?
  • Is he shocked when people come to confession when it’s only been a few days since their last confession?
  • Or how about when it’s been years, even decades, since their last confession?

How does father see those people?

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This short video is from our most recent Catholic High School Camp (CYC) located at Christ Prince of Peace Retreat Center in Benton Tn.  Keep this on your radar as we hope you will join us in 2020 where we hope to return to the Ocoee Retreat Center.

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Brittany Garcia speaks with Catholic Extension about the ministry to the Latino Community offered by the Diocese of Knoxville through Pastoral Juvenil.

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The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry serves the young people of the Diocese of Knoxville by promoting and supporting a framework for Catholic youth ministry. It accomplishes this goal primarily by living and encouraging others to take to heart the eight components found in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ document Renewing the Vision.
 The eight components are advocacy; catechesis; community life; evangelization; justice, peace, and service; leadership development; pastoral care; and prayer and worship. We hope our ministry will spread the Gospel entrusted to us by Christ to the youngest members of our church and that they in turn will pass the light of the Gospel to others.

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