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Fr. Randy Stice
Director, Worship & Liturgy

Rightly, then, the liturgy is considered as an exercise of the priestly office of Jesus Christ. In the liturgy the sanctification of the man is signified by signs perceptible to the senses, and is effected in a way which corresponds with each of these signs; in the liturgy the whole public worship is performed by the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, that is, by the Head and His members.

From this it follows that every liturgical celebration, because it is an action of Christ the priest and of His Body which is the Church, is a sacred action surpassing all others; no other action of the Church can equal its efficacy by the same title and to the same degree (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, No. 7).

The Office of Worship and Liturgy supports and nurtures the liturgical life of the Diocese of Knoxville so that the people of God can enter more deeply into the mystery of the Trinity. It serves as a resource for the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy throughout the Diocese of Knoxville. The office assists pastors and those in parishes and schools who are responsible for sacramental liturgical preparation and celebration. It also assists the various ministries and offices that serve the people of Knoxville.

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  1. Happy Easter Fr. Randy
    I have been asked to help choose readings and music for our upcoming Confirmation.
    Does the Bishop not have a set listing of readings, etc. that he like to use?
    Or special instructions?
    I haven’t asked the youth director who sent me this as she is ill at the moment.
    Fr. Pete is on retreat.

    I thought that the diocese usually sends out a form for planning liturgies with the Bishop such as this. Has that changed?

    Any information will be appreciated.
    Dolores Fredericks
    St. Mary’s JC

    1. Post
  2. I need to know the time of the Chrism Mass and I also need to know what time we can start the Liturgy on Holy Saturday??

    1. Waiting to confirm the time of the Chrism Mass. I will let you know as soon as I confirm the time. In regard to the Easter Vigil, it will probably be around 8:00 p.m. The vigil cannot start before sundown. A more precise time will be sent out closer to the vigil.

  3. We have had one of our recently confirmed 7th graders – now fully initiated in the church – to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.
    We of course know that he will be need to be well-versed and trained in the ministry in which he is wanting to serve.
    Any concerns? Comments? Suggestions?
    Thank you
    Dolores Fredericks
    St. Mary’s Church
    Johnson City

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