Frassati Fellowship Young Adult Ministry

Frassati Fellowship for Young Adults is a ministry geared towards meeting the needs of young adults, ages 18 to 39. Our mission is simple—to build a community and foster an environment in which young adults can grow deeper in personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To fulfill Frassati’s purpose our program is focused on four key areas: mass and adoration, service, small group scripture study, and catechetics. In addition we find that building the community is a critical aspect to our success, as such after our spiritual based event we go out and socialize as a group. Frassati meets every Thursday at 7 p.m., with the location dependent on the activity we host. You can follow Frassati Fellowship on Facebook and Twitter. God bless you!

1st Thursday: Mass and Adoration at the Chancery
2nd Thursday: Trivia (location varies)
3rd Thursday: Theology on Tap at the Casual Pint in Farragut
4th Thursday: Scripture study at the Chancery
5th Thursday: Social event (location varies)


Theology on Tap now has a Facebook page!

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