Campus Ministry

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Catholic Center

Father Bede Aboh, chaplain
734 W. Locust St.
Johnson City, TN 37604

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Catholic Center

Father Colin Blatchford, Sacramental Ministry
Deacon Brian Gabor, PT Campus Ministry
Donna Gabor, PT Campus Minister
514 Palmetto St.
Chattanooga, TN 37403
423-255-4140 or 423-618-9062

University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Catholic Center

Father Donald Andrie, CSP, director
1710 Melrose Place
Knoxville, TN 37916

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  1. Please fix broken URL links and make it easier to find info about Campus Ministries.

    While trying to find info about Mass times in Johnson City, and looking at DIONOX.ORG website, I found it very difficult to find information about the Catholic Center at ETSU.

    First, tried searching Parish Info, but Campus Ministries are not listed with Parishes. Then when I found this Campus Ministry page, the URL link was broken to ETSU Catholic Center.

    The correct link is:

    1. Kevin,

      Thank you so much for pointing this out. I’ve added the ETSU Catholic Center to the parish listing and fixed the links.


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