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  1. I have a two fold meaning of this message.

    I am looking for information of a Father William DeRohan in the 1780’s. All that I have as of right now is that he came to America from Ireland (Isle of Wight) and was first sent to Norfolk (I am supposing under the order of Bishop Caroll). He was then sent to NC and TN then finally in 1790 he goes to Pottingers Creek in Kentucky and establishes the first church west of the appalachian mountains.
    From Research I have found that the Irish set up the first autonomous Govt in the western hemisphere in Watagua which was based in present day Elizabethton. Is there any record of possible church or ministers from that time period in that area. Watgua was at first in Modern day NC before the state of Franklin and the state of TN. wich would explain why some text I have come across say he was only in TN before going to KY. this information I am hoping to use for my college US History class at the local community college.

    My second reason Is for Genealogy. we are stuck on a family member born around 1792 in the Pottingers creek area but we can’t find his father. If there is record of De Rohan is there any list of settlers that he lead to KY? this would mean a great deal to us if we could possible find a link. thank you very much

    1. Thank you for your interest in the history of the Catholic Church in East Tennessee. Our Diocese of Knoxville is a new diocese having been carved in 1988 from territory belonging to the Diocese of Nashville. Because we are so new, our archival collection is very small. Perhaps you might find assistance and answers to your research questions by contacting the Diocese of Nashville. Thanks again for your interest!!!

  2. For research I am doing on American aid to Ireland and Scotland in early 1847 and again in early 1880 wondering if you have in your collections correspondence for Feb-April 1847 and Dec 1879 to May 1880 referring to funds raised in the diocese for Irish famine relief. Based on newspapers Knoxville was active in both 1847 and 1880. If you have appropriate correspondence I would appreciate copies. Harvey Strum, or

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