A New Life (At 25)

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Diocese of Knoxville Crest (1)question-markWe’re hours into our new format at Life At 25 and we are fully integrated into the Diocese of Knoxville website, but we’ve already gotten some questions about the new format, and regular readers will see that something is new here.

Why are you publishing on the main diocesan site, I’ve seen some old Life At 25 posts there? 

Regular readers are used to seeing our diocesan blog Life At 25 on its own site, but from now on the blog is officially a part of the main diocesan website thanks to the work of my fellow confrere Scott Maentz, and the approval of our Communications Director Jim Wogan along with Bishop Stika. That means that this blog is now to be found on the main diocesan website under “News.” This new position, however, could lead to a great many new readers who are as yet unfamiliar with what Life At 25 is or why I am writing these lines in this space.Life At 25 began in 2012 to celebrate the Year of Faith, and it was meant to continue through our diocese’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee Year, which has just ended. That 25th Anniversary is where our diocesan blog presently gets its name. Our DioKnox_25thsubject matter ranges from diocesan events, to Church affairs, to a Q&A about Church teaching that is open to anyone with a question. For the part of this writer, I’m honored to be able to relate my reflections to you, and I pray that in the days and weeks ahead, they will be as much of a blessing to the readers of Dioknox.org as I am blessed to be able to write them.

If you have a question about the faith for our Dioknox Catholic Q&A don’t be afraid to ask it. We’ve already fielded some exceptional questions, and your questions are completely anonymous unless you should choose to be identified. You can submit a question to me personally via e-mail, you can submit a question under any of my posts on our unofficial Facebook page, or you can submit a question in the comment boxes under any Life At 25 post.

May the Lord very richly bless you and those you love.