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To view the HDHP Summary of Benefits & Coverage, click here.

To view the HDHP Plan Booklet, click here.

To view the PPO Summary of Benefits & Coverage, click here.

To view the PPO Plan Booklet, click here.

To view the Dental Plan, click here.

To view the Vision Plan flyers, click here. and here, and for provider information click here.

You can create an account at to view your benefits and obtain a vision insurance card.

To view benefit costs to the employee, click here.

To view the list of Preventive Generic Drugs covered by co-pay on the HDHP Plan, click here.  This list may change quarterly.  Please ensure you check the cost of your prescription on your account at

To view the Health Savings Account 2020 guidelines for the HDHP Plan, click here.

To view the Virtual Visit flyer for both plans, click here.

Where to go for care?  Click here.

To view the Employee Assistance Program flyer for both plans, click here.

Finally, Caremark/CVS is the pharmacy benefit manager. Go to to create your account.  If you or a family member takes a maintenance medication, the best way to fill the prescription is via mail order. You can download a personalized mail order form from your account on the Caremark website. If you order and refill by mail the drugs themselves cost you and the plan less. Also on the website is information about specific drugs, a history of your orders, the ability to put maintenance medications on auto-refill, and similar information. Caremark’s customer support number is on the back of your ID card.

Remember: it’s our own money we are spending.


Additional information:

  • We have a 3 tiered payment structure for coverage:  Employee Only, Employee + 1, and Family coverage.
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance coverage will begin on the first of the month coinciding with or following your date of hire. Coverage for your dependents will begin on the date your coverage begins provided you have enrolled them in a timely manner.  If you do not enroll within 31 days, you will need to wait until the next annual Open Enrollment to make your benefit elections.
  • Religious institutions are exempt from the federal COBRA law. However, the diocese has a process for continuation of coverage under certain circumstances. Please see the person who handles benefits at your parish, school or other institution for more information.
  • To download the diocese’s HIPAA notice of privacy practices, click on the link.