Beginning Experience Weekend

BE_logoHas your marriage ended through death of a spouse, separation or divorce? Are you looking for a way to move through the hurt and find hope again?

Beginning Experience® may be for you.

A weekend away for a lifetime of change.

A weekend guided by trained facilitators who have walked in your shoes.

Spousal Loss Retreat

Separated * Divorced * Widowed

From heartache to hope for those who find themselves alone again.


What: Beginning Experience weekend
The Beginning Experience weekend program helps grieving single-again persons emerge from the darkness of grief into the light of a new beginning, and move into the future with renewed hope. The program helps deal with the natural grief process and offers an opportunity, through God, for turning the pain of loss into an experience of positive growth. Founded by Sr. Josephine Stewart in 1973 and rooted in the Catholic tradition, the ministry’s open ecumenical spirit serves those of all faiths.

Who: The Beginning Experience weekend is designed to be a time of closure on the past and renewed hope for the future. Those who come should be beyond the initial feelings of anger and despair which usually follow the loss of a loved one. They should be at the point of wanting a new beginning and ready to work to make that desire a reality. Once your registration form for the weekend is received, someone from Beginning Experience will contact you.                                              Registration BEET printable 2016

Beginning Experience weekends will take place at

Carson Springs Retreat Center in Newport, TN

March 11-13, 2016

For confidential information & assistance contact:
Beverly Short at (706) 820-1753 or

Deidre Diener (865) 531-1094 or


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  1. I was hoping I was going to learn something about the hard copies material that is available to us if we’d like to form a weekly/monthly meeting to bring hurting people together in the safety of our church. Is that not available?
    It’s now 5 years since my husband died and I’ve helped many individuals who have experienced the same loss but we do need a formal group with guiding materials. After this much time, I have made the adjustments to live this new chapter of my life; I won’t be attending a weekend of telling me how to do it. But continuing meetings is something that many folks in our church need. Can you help?

    1. Carol, Beginning Experience begins with a retreat…it is an ongoing process, not merely a weekend telling us how to do something, but it is a process that has a starting point. I am quite sure the Beginning Experience folks can help you. I know that the next Beginning Experience retreat weekend is scheduled for August 28th-30th. You can learn more information about the whole program by calling 423-843-3219.

  2. I am looking for a retreat for my niece who has recently experienced divorce after 20 years of marriage. She lives in clarksdale ms . I know from personal experience that beginning experience works. Thanks for your help

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