Making Time For the Gospels

David Oatney Diocese of Knoxville, New Evangelization

advent candleAs we pointed out in the previous post here at Life At 25, the Church’s New Year of Grace 2014 got underway last weekend with the First Sunday of Advent. A new liturgical year is a great time to make resolutions of the spiritual kind, such as “I will learn much more about my faith,” “I’ll dedicate more time of my day or my week to prayer,” “I will give more of myself to the work of the Church or to works of charity to help others,” “I want to make more time for frequent reception of the Eucharist,” or “I am ready to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ.”

gospelsIf any of those resolutions sound like a tall order one might start with something smaller, like “I will read a small section of Scripture each day.” If that is something you don’t think you have time for, the people at Flocknote want to make it easy for you. The same people who brought you Catechism in a Year using the YouCat last year (and if you weren’t fortunate enough to do it last year, you still have time to click above and go to Flocknote because they are repeating the process starting Monday) are bringing all of us  Study the Gospels in a Year. You can have a short daily Gospel reading delivered to your e-mail inbox each day. There are no strings attached, nothing to buy, and you won’t get anyone begging you to buy something. If you can take the time to read your e-mail each day, you can make time to read the Gospel.

rsvThe wonderful thing about these daily Gospel readings is that you won’t just get the Scripture reading, you’ll get some of the best Catholic biblical commentary in circulation today. I would never recommend anything to our Life At 25 readership and Diocese of Knoxville extended family that I do not use myself, so it gives me great pleasure to point out that that the Gospel commentary will come from the Ignatius Press RSV Catholic Study New Testament. My wife Nicole got me the Ignatius Study New Testament last year for Christmas, and I know you’ll love the rich commentary in its pages. If you were at our Eucharistic Congress, you’ll remember that Dr. Scott Hahn was one of our speakers. Dr. Hahn co-wrote the notes for the Study Bible along with fellow biblical scholar Curtis Mitch from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.  The notes are easy to understand and will help deepen your understanding of the Gospels and our faith. (By the way, Ignatius Press didn’t offer me a dime for the endorsement, it comes wholehearted and free). If you click on the in-text link and subscribe to Study the Gospels in a Year, you’ll get this great commentary on the Gospels free for your own prayer and study.

Bishop Stika has encouraged us to use reputable online Catholic media sources to learn about our faith and to deepen our prayer life through online liturgical resources like iBreviary and Divine Office. The Church wants us to use modern technology to our advantage in helping to deepen our love of the sacraments and our relationship with Christ. I can’t think of a better way to start off the new ecclesiastical year than by reading the Gospels online in our e-mail every day. If increasing your devotion to God’s Word is something important, start simply with an initiative like this.