Magnificat Year of Faith Companion

Deacon Scott Maentz Catechism, Year of Faith

If you are not already familiar with Magnificatthe Year of Faith provides an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with this monthly resource for living our Catholic Faith. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of Magnificat, you will certainly want to check this out.

Elizabeth Scalia, a frequent contributor at First Things, offers a review at her blog, The Anchoress.

So in demand is this beautifully-wrought aid for the celebration of the Year of Faith that the thing is in its third printing and on back-order until October.

But even if you will not get your copy until late October, after the year is officially “begun”, I urge you to order this book. It’s inexpensive ($6.95) and at 445 pages, it’s absolutely loaded with fine material — profiles of the holy men and women of the bible, devotions, poems, meditations, reflections on scripture, explanations re the Catechism. (read the full review here)