Logos Bible Software Provides Interactive Reading Plan

Deacon Scott Maentz Catechism, Year of Faith

Logos Bible Software has made great strides recently to include Catholic resources for studying the Bible and Theology. One way they will be contributing to our celebration of the Year of Faith is by providing an interactive way for the faithful to read and converse about the Catechism. By using Logos Bible Softwarealong with their social media network, FaithlifeCatholics can read and interact with others around the world who are committed to Pope Benedict’s call to study the Catechism.

The Year of Faith starts October 11, and Logos is using Faithlife to respond to the requests of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Congregation has said, “The Year of Faith will offer a special opportunity for all believers to deepen their knowledge of the primary documents of the Second Vatican Council and their study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” It has encouraged “the republication . . . of the Documents of Vatican Council II [and] the Catechism of the Catholic Church . . . and the wider distribution of these texts through electronic means and modern technologies.”

For this Year of Faith, use Logos’ new social media platform, Faithlife, to study the Tradition’s texts in a whole new way. Engage with other Catholics as you read and comment your way through the Catechism. Ask questions, voice your thoughts, respond to polls, and share in a discussion with close friends and Catholics from all across the United States. (Read the rest here)