Justice and Peace


Paul Simoneau, Director
Vice Chancellor Administration

The Justice and Peace Office’s mission is to foster peace, justice, and the building up of a culture of life through an accurate and properly nuanced portrayal of the rich treasury of the church’s social teaching, which is born of “the encounter of the Gospel message and of its demands summarized in the Supreme Commandment with the problems emanating from the life of society” (Libertatis Conscientia, No. 72).

This employs a three-fold strategy incorporating education, evangelization, and advocacy to accomplish this mission as we meet the challenge “to proclaim the gift of life, life in abundance…” Pope Benedict XVI.

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  1. Paul, I heard via e-mail which was cced to me that there will not be a physical showing at PP during the 40 Days For Life this year. I have been involved in these for at least the past 10 years and feel that our presents, both physically and spiritually, has made a great impact on the community with our dedication to supporting 40 Days here in Knoxville. I strongly feel that not having a vigil at PP with participation by many churches, Catholic and other faiths, is a wrong decision. I feel that it will be viewed by PP that they have succeeded in scaring us to not show up, especially in light of the confrontation witch were experienced at their rally on Feb 11. With our participation on Fridays with Pastor Clark for the past 5 plus years there has been very few negative responses and a lot of positive ones. Please reconsider your decision to not support a physical vigil at PP as it was my understanding that just about all the days had already been filled for doing the vigil by Catholic Churches in the Diocese, other Faith Churches and organizations.

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