Introducing the Life At 25 Podcast

David Oatney Diocese of Knoxville

mike-on-off-air-signI don’t think we’ve seen quite as much interest in Life At 25 as has been garnered over the last couple of days. Posting the priestly reassignment list for the Diocese of Knoxville along with a reflection on reassignment and change in the life of a priest and in our parishes has broken traffic records for this blog and has left the people who monitor that traffic agog in the best of ways. Clearly many of you have an interest in the happenings and news of our diocese. Back when Life At 25 first began, Father Christian Mathis kicked things off with a Year of Faith podcast. For the longest time, that post and internet broadcast held the record for daily traffic on this weblog. For some time now, I have been privately discussing with Scott Maentz, who volunteers in supervising our Diocese of Knoxville website and this blog, the idea of bringing back a regular podcast as a feature of this website. Scott agrees that the time has come, and so do I. 

microphoneWhat follows is the inaugural Life At 25 Podcast. For now, I am using Talkshoe as the platform (I discuss that in the body of the program). I am not averse at all to changing platforms or podcasting services for the good of the show, in fact I expect that we may do so. Readers and listeners also may need to know that this first edition of the program is quite rusty, and I am aware of that. I have had several years experience in radio, so all of the flaws stick out to me like a sore thumb, including the fact that my thoughts were “rudely interrupted” at one point by a passing train! To hear the podcast, just click the “Play” button.

It also won’t also be the case in future podcasts that I will always “go solo,” either (though I am sure that I will do so from time to time). Very often, we will have a guest or guests on the show. If we are doing a given show as a “one man band” as it were, and we are using Talkshoe or another service, it may be possible for you to get in on a live podcast with discussion or a question. If you ever hear me give out a phone number or a podcast number, that means that we are recording a program live and if you can hear us live, you are welcome to call in. Just keep in mind that if you wouldn’t say it to either Jesus or to one of your parish priests or deacons, it probably isn’t appropriate for the Life At 25 Podcast.

I welcome your suggestions for future topics, guests, and how we can improve this new part of the ministry of this blog, Life At 25.