Father Colin Blatchford appointed associate director of Courage International

Jim Wogan News

Father Colin Blatchford, a priest of the Diocese of Knoxville, has been appointed the new associate director of Courage International, an apostolate of the Catholic Church based in Trumbull, Conn. 

“I’m honored and humbled to have been asked to serve the Courage apostolate as the new associate director,” said Father Blatchford.

Prior to receiving the appointment, Father Blatchford, 36, had been the chaplain for Courage and EnCourage, a position which he held for two and a half years.

“It is with zeal and a healthy fear of the Lord that I look forward to taking on this new role. I look forward to serving the Apostolate and growing in my knowledge, understanding, and compassion for those whom it serves,” he said.

Father Blatchford will relocate to Connecticut in early September, where the Courage International headquarters is based.

“Father Blatchford has a wonderful devotion to sharing our Catholic faith, and he does so with a very compassionate heart,” said Bishop Richard F. Stika.

“He possesses an ability to connect with people of all ages, but especially young people, with understanding and empathy,” the bishop said.

“Clearly, Father has a place in his heart for the mission and ministry of Courage International. In a way, we view Father Blatchford as a gift that the Diocese of Knoxville received when I ordained him 6 years ago, and he is a gift that we are pleased to share with Courage International,” Bishop Stika said.

“It is a blessing and a privilege to welcome Father Blatchford to the Courage Office,” said Father Philip Bochanski, Courage International’s executive director. Father Bochanski himself joined the apostolate as associate director in 2015, having served as local Courage chaplain in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for five years. 

Even though Father Blatchford will be taking up residence in the Diocese of Bridgeport, where the Courage offices are located, he remains incardinated in the Knoxville Diocese.

“We are exceedingly grateful to Bishop Stika for his support for our apostolate, and his generosity in sharing with us such a fine priest,” Father Bochanski said.

Ordained a priest of the Diocese of Knoxville in 2014, Father Blatchford received his B.A. in philosophy from Ave Maria University in 2006 and completed his seminary training at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.  He most recently served as parochial vicar of the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Chattanooga. 

Father Blatchford’s term as associate director officially begins September 8, 2020.