Faith in the Midst of Tragedy

Deacon Scott Maentz Prayer


This weekend Bishop Stika has encouraged the faithful of the diocese to join in prayer for those hurt by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the reflections of both clergy and lay people around our diocese as we continue to pray for all victims of violence.

A Homily from Fr. Rich Andre

A Homily from Fr. Dustin Collins

A Mother Asks, Will We Have the Courage to Discuss Mental Illness Too?

America’s Crazy Addiction To Guns

And a chorus wailed: “Why does God allow evil?”

Come Together and Take Meaningful Action


Give Them Victory O’er The Grave

God Allows People to Make Choices and Stand Responsible Even for Evil Deeds

How To Go To Hell

Pray For Newtown, CT

Some Things Don’t Make Sense

The Massacre of the Holy Innocents

The “Perfect Storm” – the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy

To Mourn and Embrace Pain in the Present Moment

I will continue to update the list as I discover more from around our diocese. Please feel free to alert me to others I have missed.