You’re Amazing – Justin Fatica

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February 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
All Saints Catholic Church
620 N Cedar Bluff Rd
Knoxville, TN 37923
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“A Message of Hope that Will Change Your Life Forever”

Now, more than ever, these young people need a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and the support of their Church. The culture tells them they need to do or have something to matter in this materialistic world, when they eventually lose themselves in the struggle to make themselves something.

The sad truth is that most of the youth think they are completely alone in their struggle and feel that no one cares enough to help them through their challenges.  Pretending that our youth are not struggling and that your community does not have the same struggles will not help your youth reach their full potential. We need to help our youth know that it is their struggles that make them WHO THEY ARE, God’s kid, who is AMAZING!

You’re Amazing With Justin Fatica” is more than just the title of EWTN’s newest series, which premiered online Thursday, August 27, 2017. (Find out more below!) It’s also more than just a slogan to our host, Author/Speaker/Evangelist Justin Fatica of “Hard as Nails.”

Recently, this young dynamo was at a book signing when a teenager came up to him and said, “I think your message is baloney.” Most people would have been offended. Not Justin.

“I’m an East Coast guy,” he said, “I’m thinking, ‘I like this kid.’ I said, ‘Why do you think that?’”
The teen said, “My dad left me. He’s not amazing. Everybody is not amazing.”
Justin said, “That really must have hurt, but your dad is still amazing.”
The teen got indignant. “You can’t say that. You don’t know what I went through. He left us. I had to take care of my brother.”
Justin looked at the teen and said, “That must have been really hard for you. What your dad DID was not amazing, but your DAD is amazing.”
“You can’t say that,” the teen insisted.
“Did it hurt you when your dad left?”
“Yes, I was a little kid.”
“Did you ever cry about it?”
“Yeah, I cried about it! It hurt!”
“If your dad wasn’t amazing, it wouldn’t have hurt so bad,” Justin said. “Your dad just has to know how amazing he is so he won’t hurt people anymore. When you sin, it hurts others and yourself.”
That’s just a taste of the kind of straight talk that Justin uses to begin cracking open the doors to wounded hearts in need of the healing only Jesus can bring. Watch the 10 episode series that will take you on a journey to high schools across the United States. In each episode, you will experience Justin as he brings young people – and their parents – to Christ. You will be there as he speaks with teens about the many issues they face such as pornography, broken families, premarital sex, self-mutilation, and lost loved ones.

We inviting all young people and their  families to attend this one night life changing Mission . Justin will share his authentic story and the life changing love that Jesus Christ will do when he enters your life. Once Jesus is allowed to enter into your life it will never be the same. All people need to know that they are loved by Jesus Christ and He desires a relationship with you his AMAZING Child.

Who: all young people in grades 6 and older.  Parents are invited and encouraged to join as well.

What: You’re Amazing – Family Event

When: Monday evening 7:00 pm

Where: All Saints Catholic Church – Knoxville TN

Why: “Awakening the World to the Power of God’s Love”

Cost: Your Time and if possible a donation of your choosing to support Justin’s Ministry




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