2017-2018 Confirmation Rally Knoxville Area

Al Forsythe

January 27, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
The Venue at Lenoir City
7690 Creekwood Park Blvd
Lenoir City, TN 37772
$30.00 per person
Deacon Al Forsythe

The St. John Paul II Commission recommended that the Confirmation program being moved to 5th or 6th grade depending on the parish would provide the regular Religious education for students at the parish level. Those who attend Catholic Schools would be covered by the recommendation.  The Confirmation aspect of this would be covered by bringing all Parish and school students together for a Diocesan sponsored Confirmation retreat and a retreat would be offered in each of the four deaneries of the diocese. To meet this need we have coordinated with local parishes to host these events with expected attendance of 400 participants in each.

The primary focus:
1. A kerygmatic proclamation of the Gospel.
2. Exposing youth to the power of the Holy Spirit.
3. Creating a sense of joy and community in the context of our Catholic Faith.
4. Encouraging a sense of discernment about the call to Confirmation.

Our basic vision for this event:
• The one day event would start mid morning and conclude with the vigil Mass.
• The basic format of the event would mimic a late night talk show format with special
guests and interactive games.
• The beginning of the day would be structured to build energy and engagement
through music, videos, group challenges, mobile interaction, and up front games.
• Prior to lunch there should be a keynote session that presents the basic Gospel
Message accompanied by an interview with local young people who can share their
experience of encounter with God.
• During lunch, parish leaders should facilitate a guided discussion with their youth
about the opening keynote.
• After lunch, we’ll return with high energy engagement through music, games and
• Keynote 2 will focus on Confirmation as a response to the Gospel message and the role
of the Spirit in Confirmation (and other Sacraments of Initiation). Followed by an
interview/witness with local young people.
• Keynote 3 will focus on the challenge of discipleship and how the gifts and power of
the Holy Spirit strengthen us in that challenge.
• We’ll then lead young people into a time of prayer and worship focused on the gifts of
the Holy Spirit that leads straight into Mass.

Tentative Schedule
10:00am Doors Open / Countdown Begins
10:10am Opening Set from Band
10:35am Welcome
10:40am Crowd Games
11:00am Speaker Introduction*
11:10am Keynote 1 (Basic Gospel Message)
11:50am Talkback Session / Witness
12:20pm Lunch Break / Discussion
1:10pm Set from Band
1:30pm Crowd Games
1:50pm Speaker Introduction*
2:00pm Keynote 2 (Confirmation as Response to the Gospel)
2:40pm Talkback Session / Witness
3:10pm Speaker Introduction*
3:20pm Keynote 3 (Discipleship and the Power of the Holy Spirit)
4:00pm Talkback Session / Witness
4:30pm Prayer / Worship
5:30pm Mass


All individual registration forms and payments should go to your Parish Confirmation Coordinator

Required Registration Forms:

The Diocese of Knoxville requires that every youth and adult participant complete the appropriate release forms listed below. These are separate forms for adults and youth. All participants may download them directly from this website below. The forms DO NOT need to be notarized as it is NOT required by our diocese. These forms should be completed between now and the date of the retreat.
Once completed the registration form should be submitted directly to your Parish Religious Education Office with registration payment of $30 per youth participant. Lunch is NOT Included – Participants should bring a bag lunch with them. There is no charge for the accompanying adult chaperones.  It is preferable and requested that one check be sent per parish to cover all registrations and submitted along with the completed Excel worksheet. Each Parish should retain one copy of the Excel spreadsheet for your records along with the Individual Medical Release Forms to be kept with the delegation head chaperone and brought with them to the Retreat/Rally.
Necessary Individual Registration Forms:

General Individual Medical Parent Consent English

General Individual Medical Parent Consent Spanish

Adult Event Permission Medical Release Form

Youth Code of Conduct Audio Video Photo Release-Master-fillable

Parish Registration Procedure:

It is important to note that this method requires the use of THE 2017 CUSTOMIZED Excel template. No other Excel template will work with 2017 Confirmation Retreat registration system. This is because certain columns have drop-down menus assigned. The response for that field must come from the drop-down menu. Any other data will cause an error message. Once you choose an option from the drop-down menu, you can copy that data or type the first letter(s) and the field will populate with that option. To begin, save the Excel SpreadsheetConfirmation Master Excel Spread Sheet” with your parish/school name in a location you will remember. Open the spreadsheet and begin entering participant information. REMEMBER TO SAVE OFTEN. The ” Individual Information Sheet” listed below contains the information needed from each attendee in order for you to complete the Excel registration Spread Sheet. All data should be entered using standard capitalization. No all caps or all lower case.

Parish Confirmation Coordinator: after collecting all documents and payment from participants

Mail a copy of the Excel Spreadsheet along with 1 check for payment of all participants from your parish/school to:
Diocesan Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
805 S. Northshore Drive
Knoxville, TN 37919

Deadline for Registration is January 13, 2018

 Video for Parish Chaperones on What to expect: Chaperone Video
Individual Information Sheet (All information necessary for you to complete the spreadsheet)

January Confirmation Master Excel Spread Sheet