Countdown begins for cathedral dedication

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The clock is ticking.

The dedication of the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, currently under construction in the Diocese of Knoxville, will be completed in early 2018. The Dedication Mass for the cathedral and altar is scheduled for March 3, 2018.

The official countdown clock started just before midnight on March 2, 2017– 366 days before the dedication will take place.

Construction continues on the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, scheduled for dedication on March 3, 2018.

“The Mass and Rite of Dedication of the Cathedral will be a truly historic event in the history of our young diocese. It is a beautiful and elaborate ceremony in which the walls will be anointed, the baptistery, ambo and tabernacle will be blessed as well as so many other items that play an important role in the liturgical space of a building,” Bishop Stika said when announcing the dedication date in January.

Planning for the dedication weekend has already begun. It is expected that Catholic dignitaries from around the United States– and perhaps from around the world– will attend.

It was less than one year ago that the steel framing of the giant structure started taking shape. Crews are currently working on covering the cathedral and its massive dome with weather protective coatings, giving the church an unusual pinkish-hue on its exterior. Soon, the limestone masonry work will begin on the outside while work on the interior structure continues.

Please visit our cathedral construction page for more images and videos of the construction process. More videos and images can be viewed on the cathedral parish website.