Christ the King Church

816 Blue Top Road
Tazewell, TN 37879


Mass Time

Thursday10 a.m.

Mission Statement

We struggled for years to find a home. Our roots stem from years of celebrating the sacraments in college classrooms, private homes, and public buildings. We have found our home at last.

As a Catholic community, we are led by the Holy Spirit. We are bound together in unity by our priest, our bishop, and our Holy Father, the vicar of Christ. We focus on the Eucharist as the center of our worship and a continuous support for our spiritual life and our journey of faith. This celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ not only expresses our faith but also activates it. By means of prayer, study, and reflection, we ask the Lord to open our minds and hearts to an understanding of the Scriptures and the will of God. By the power of the Holy Spirit we express and proclaim our understanding of the word of God and try to live according to these words. As a Catholic community we walk in the footsteps of Jesus and take up our crosses daily. By seeking justice, we shall strive to undo the wrongs imposed on our neighbors. We shall reach out to embrace the sick, the poor, and the lonely–those of our faith, those of other faiths, and those of only hope.

We feel that religious education is essential not only for children but also for adults. Our community is of one mind and one heart. Everything is held in common. When one hurts, we all hurt. If one is happy, we are all happy.

We pray that as a Catholic community we never lose sight of our mission. Our hope is that we will always be recognized as a community of faith, hope, and love: faith in God, hope for better days, and love for all persons. We invite everyone to share in our community of faith. We extend peace and love to all who enter our doors.

Directions  (Map)

From Highway 33 North, turn right at the fourth traffic light; from Highway 33 South, turn left at the fourth traffic light. Drive past Food City and turn left onto Blue Top Road at the three-way stop. Go about two miles. The church is on the right.

Sacramental Information

Reconciliation: 11:45-11:55 a.m. Sunday and following Mass