Catholic Schools Raffle winners announced

The Office of Catholic Schools has announced that the 2019 raffle raised more than $138,000 to benefit schools and tuition support. Winners of the 2019 raffle are listed here:

1st Place $10,000- Kim Litton
2nd Place $5,000- Courtney Painter
3rd Place $2,500- Gina Martin
4th Place $2,500- Judy Speck 
5th Place $1,000- Nicole Underwood
6th Place $1,000- Andrea Russell 
7th Place $1,000- Antonio Rodriguez
8th Place $1,000- Andrea Donahue
9th Place $750- Mike Eiffe 
10th Place $750- Kraigyn McCord 
11th Place $750- Wendy Kelly 
12th Place $750- Elizabeth Albert 

The raffle raised more $63,000 which will go directly to the schools and more than $75,000 for tuition assistance. Since its inception 3 years ago, the raffle has raised more than $475,000 for Catholic education in the diocese. Knoxville Catholic High School led the way with more than 3,600 tickets sold. St. Joseph School was next with nearly 3,200 tickets sold. Figures do not include online sales.  Learn more about Catholic schools in the Diocese of Knoxville.