Cathedral daily Mass moving to Chancery

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Construction for the new cathedral will impact parking, summer camps and Mass schedules this summer.

Summer will be a time for special adjustments for those who attend Masses and other events at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Construction of the new cathedral at 711 S. Northshore Drive will impact parking, summer camps, special events and daily Masses.

Starting June 1, 2015, daily Mass for the cathedral will be held at the Our Lady of the Mountains Chapel at the Chancery building at 805 S. Northshore Drive.

Masses are at 8:05 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Information will be updated as the construction project—slated to be completed in 2017—continues.

The ceremonial groundbreaking for the new cathedral took place on April, 19, 2015 and site work, which includes the laying of utilities, has been in full swing since then. Excavation for cathedral foundation will begin in June, shortly after school recesses for the summer.

The massive construction project, the largest in the history of the diocese, will require prayer and patience by those who utilize the cathedral and do business at the Chancery.

Listed below is critical information that can be useful.

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