A New Life (At 25)

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We’re hours into our new format at Life At 25 and we are fully integrated into the Diocese of Knoxville website, but we’ve already gotten some questions about the new format, and regular readers will see that something is new here. Why are you publishing on the main diocesan site, I’ve seen some old Life At 25 posts there?  Regular readers are …

What You Won’t See On This Blog

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In the last day or so someone commented on a recent post here at Life At 25, specifically the post which I happened to write on the situation in Oklahoma City, where a Satanic “Black Mass” is currently scheduled to be celebrated on September 21st. I wrote about the reaction of Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley, and the dangers of playing …

How To Avoid A Priest Shortage

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I recently had a conversation with a former schoolteacher of mine, a good and devout Catholic, wherein we exchanged prayer intentions, for through the blessing of the internet I can interact with former teachers and school friends that I have not otherwise seen in many years. In the course of this conversation, we began to discuss priests and I shared …

Offer It Up

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A recent discussion on my personal Facebook page feat my good friend Stephanie Richer (who really began the thread or conversation herself on her own page) revolved around certain people in our country and culture who label themselves “faith healers” and who have built up quite a following over the years. One well-known such “healer” has a national television program that …

Christ Is the Hope of Harvard (And Everywhere Else)

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The Harvard Extension School Cultural Studies Club dropped its sponsorship of a “Black Mass” yesterday after initially removing it from campus to a nightclub called the Middle East. However, that club said that “negotiations had fallen through” and that no Black Mass would be held there. Members of the New York-based “Satanic Temple” were due to preside over the blasphemy, …

Don’t You Blaspheme In Here: No Black Mass On Harvard Campus Tonight, Maybe Not Elsewhere

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Voices standing up for the truth do matter, it seems. This morning, Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust released a public statement saying that the “Black Mass” would be allowed to go ahead as planned at the Queen’s Head pub on Harvard Campus, bowing to the idea that this was an exercise , but she was none too pleased.

Pray For Harvard Students’ Souls, and For Our Country

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The Catholic blogger Elizabeth Scalia, popularly known as The Anchoress, has been among several Catholic bloggers who uncovered the unfortunate reality that a Satanic “Black Mass” is scheduled to take place  essentially sponsored by the Harvard Extension with university approval. This public worship of the devil is being called a “re-enactment,” but one fails to see how it is a …

A Blessed Year for a Blessed Diocese

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Today is the last day of 2013, the seventh day in the Octave of Christmas, and the Vigil of the feast of Mary, the Mother of God. Today is as good a time as any to take stock of the previous year. For the Diocese of Knoxville, 2013 has been a historic year in which our 25th anniversary has been …

Word On Fire At the Congress and In the Blogosphere

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A big part of the reason that Bishop Richard Stika authorized the creation of Life at 25 was to spread the message of the Diocese of Knoxville’s 25th Anniversary and of the growth of East Tennessee’s Catholic community through the means of the internet and new media. While I am not certain how often His Excellency reads this blog, I …

Two Lessons In Humility

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This priest is Father Erik Richtsteig, a priest of the Diocese of Salt Lake City. I’ve not had the pleasure of a personal meeting with Father Erik, though I’d love to meet him someday. He is pastor at a parish called St. James the Just in Ogden. I was introduced to him and to his exceptional Catholic blogging work by …

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use the internet.

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Yesterday I was privileged to spend some time with my friend and fellow blogger, The Ironic Catholic. Part of our conversation centered around the so-called “New Evangelization” and how it relates to social media. I say “so-called” because in many ways the New Evangelization is the same as the old. While we ought not overlook the great opportunity to communicate …

Minor Revisions

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Jennifer Fulwiler went from being an Atheist to a Catholic and now writes at the blog Conversion Diary. She has recently been part of her own reality show entitled, Minor Revisions. Both the show and her blog are well worth your time during the Year of Faith. My favorite part, is when Jen and her dad go after a wasp.