Bishop welcomes 233 new Catholics

Jim Wogan Catechism, Christian Formation, New Evangelization


Bishop Stika recognizes the new members of the Church during Sending of the Neophyte Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on May 31.

Bishop Richard F. Stika formally recognized 233 new members to the Catholic Faith and the Diocese of Knoxville on May 31 as he celebrated the Sending of the Neophytes Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Knoxville.

The Mass is for candidates and catechumens who officially entered the Church during Easter Vigil Masses in March.

While their path to full participation in the Church has been marked— in many ways it’s more like a milestone in a lifelong journey.

“These new members of our Church are now sent back to their individual parishes by Bishop Stika and are called upon to grow in faith within their parish community and to evangelize,” said Sister Timothea Elliott, director of Faith Formation for the Diocese of Knoxville.

The Mass was celebrated on Trinity Sunday.

Each new member of the Church was called to the altar by parish and presented a icon by Bishop Stika.