Bishop Stika statement on Texas church shooting

Jim Wogan News

Bishop Richard F. Stika issued the following statement after Sunday’s church shooting in Texas:

“Once again, our nation has been jolted by news of a mass killing. When will it end? Today’s appalling act of violence at a church in Texas reminds us that evil exists, and as a nation, and as good people, we must stand up to it. The forces of evil are always around us.

“The abundance of guns in our society is only part of my concern. The portrayal of violence in movies, on nightly TV shows, and in video games as something glamorous and inconsequential troubles me. The breakdown in civil discourse on social media and even in person also concerns me. Tonight I ask for your prayers for the respect of all life— for the unborn and for innocent people everywhere. 

“Please also join me in praying for the victims of today’s shooting, for the strength of those injured, and for those family members who have lost loved ones. Scripture teaches us that love always conquers evil. Pray for God’s guidance and for the goodness of mankind to overcome hatred and evil.” 

Bishop Richard F. Stika
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville