Bishop Stika statement on the 2016 Election

Jim Wogan News

20150512 Bishop Richard F. Stika With ChainOver the past few months, I have spoken of my distrust and displeasure with the traits, actions, and policies of both the candidates who ran for President of the United States. After a long and bitter campaign, my attention now turns toward the future of our nation. Despite our differences, I pray that we remember we are one nation under God and that we are indivisible. With the election behind us, I pray that we all work together for liberty, justice, and for the protection of all people, including the most vulnerable, the unborn. I pray for our new president, and all the leaders chosen in this election, that they will allow all faithful citizens to worship and participate in the free expression and practice of our Christian faith without fear of interference and persecution. Finally, I pray that understanding and compassion replace the intransigence and animosity that we have witnessed on both sides during the 2016 campaign.

God bless you and God bless America.

Bishop Richard F. Stika
Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville