Be Christ to the World Crying Out For Help

David Oatney New Evangelization, Pope Francis

crucifixIf you didn’t happen to see the Grammy Awards program earlier this week, you might have heard of the performance by the popular singer Katy Perry which appeared to no small number of people, including writers from major entertainment publications, to be an example of the glorification of Satan and perhaps actual witchcraft itself. Even if the performance was not intended in this way, it is one of the darkest performances that may ever have been seen on major national television. I had heard about the performance on a fairly reliable internet news source, and I decided to see it for myself on YouTube. I won’t link to it here because I don’t think it is appropriate for any Christian site, let alone the official blog of a Catholic diocese. Nevertheless, it serves as some of the most overt evidence to be found that the Adversary is hard at work and has gotten so bold as to use national venues in a very open way to further his opposition to the things of God.

eucharistThe Sacred Scriptures show us that the conflict between God and Satan (the word “satan” means adversary) goes back to before the beginning of all things, and that this conflict is one in which God and the Church will be triumphant at the End of Time. Even though we who believe know and understand this reality, it can be very easy when we look at the state of our culture and even how that culture can impact Christians, for us to get discouraged and to say that the culture around us is disintegrating. It  seems sometimes as if some people are willing for our nation and our society to be given over to what we might call the forces of darkness. Sometimes it feels as though these wicked forces are active within the Church itself, even Pope Francis has hinted at the devil’s work in warning members of the Roman Curia not to be given over to gossip.

massvideoWhile it is easy to look at the world and see evil at work, we need to take a second look at many of the things we can see which we know to be intrinsically disordered and sinful within our society, for even though they show us that the Adversary is very much active, we should already know that. What we fail to see is that this cultural rebellion against God, which at the end of the day is not at all new (cf. Ecc. 1:9), is, more than anything else, a cry for help.

holyfaceOur culture is desperately searching for answers, for guidance, for justice and for truth, and those things cannot be found in the direction in which our culture seems to have set itself. This is because the Truth is not a thing it is a person, and that person is Jesus Christ. Rather than give up on the culture and society and begin to turn in upon ourselves as the last of the remaining sane, we are instead called as witnesses of the Gospel to administer the first aid of charity and love to the spiritually sick and wounded of our day and age. Whether people in this culture realize it or not, so many of them are crying out for help, whether it is someone like Katy Perry, or whether it is the person we meet on the sidewalk on our lunch hour.

jesus healsThe great challenge for us, and I especially include myself in this, is that when the world sees us, do they see Christ? Do those people crying out for help look at us and see the Truth they seek, do they look at us and say “those people have something, and I need what it is that they have.” This is what the Holy Father means when he says that the Church is like a field hospital for the wounded. Our culture is sick and has dire need of the Great Physician, and we are the Physician’s Hands.

Be the hands of Christ today, and pray for our nation and for the Divine Mercy of Jesus on us and on the whole world. God Love You.