Bishop Stika address racial issues; offers guidance and resources

Jim Wogan News

I pray that the events of the last couple of weeks will force all of us to reflect on how God can guide us through injustice, tragedy, turmoil, and anger if we listen to Him.

The horrific images of the death of George Floyd on May 25 were repulsive. The indifference and lack of respect on display around Mr. Floyd at that time were troubling to watch.

Jesus teaches us in Matthew 7:12 to treat our brothers and sisters as we ourselves want to be treated. Sadly, we often don’t.

Letter from Archbishop José Gomez on a phone call from Pope Francis

I ask that you take time to pray for an end to racial bias and hatred, and I ask that we personally reflect on all that we’re capable of doing to better understand the challenges people of color face on a daily basis and that we demonstrate our feelings peacefully, as Jesus would.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has a number of resources available on these issues. I also pass along a statement from Archbishop José Gomez, the president of the USCCB.

Richard F. Stika
Bishop of Knoxville