Pray For Harvard Students’ Souls, and For Our Country

David Oatney Catholic Blogs

downloadThe Catholic blogger Elizabeth Scalia, popularly known as The Anchoress, has been among several Catholic bloggers who uncovered the unfortunate reality that a Satanic “Black Mass” is scheduled to take place  essentially sponsored by the Harvard Extension with university approval. This public worship of the devil is being called a “re-enactment,” but one fails to see how it is a re-enactment when it is being put on by a group called “the Satanic Temple,” and, depending on whether we want to believe their statements one day or another, they may be using a consecrated host for this blasphemy. Even if they do not use a consecrated host, it is a reasonable supposition to say that they would almost certainly do so if they could, and so what is being called a re-enactment isn’t going to be that at all, but will be a full-on public act of defamation and profanation of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist and the worship of the Adversary.

500px-Harvard_Wreath_Logo_1.svgWhile the freedom of worship guaranteed by our Constitution allows even for the Adversary to be worshiped, this event is on the campus of Harvard University, which means that Harvard, as a private institution, could say that the “Black Mass” cannot be said on university property, or they could at least insist that a consecrated Ciborium [With Hosts]host not be used in this demonic exercise (the Dean of Students at the Harvard Extension now says that there will be no consecrated host used and that the University will see to it), and yes, there are ways to insure that would be the case, such as providing an unconsecrated bread wafer.

What is most sad about all of this is that it shows in glaring and stark relief just how far down the road to perdition that formerly-Christian America has come. This event, at last report, is due to take place on Monday on the campus of Harvard…that’s the same Harvard where the motto is Veritas-Truth-and which had its beginnings in colonial times as one of the great institutions which trained Protestant ministers in the days of colonial and early-independent America. The great Puritan Divine Increase Mather was once the President of Harvard, and his son, the great Puritan preacher and pamphleteer Cotton Mather, is among the institution’s famous alumni. The Harvard Divinity School has trained many men and women for ministry over the course of its existence, and continues to do so today. It was in the 19th Century that it is said that Protestant Christianity lost its more privileged place at Harvard. Apparently, Harvard has gone from eliminating Protestant privilege to allowing for public blasphemy that is, or certainly should be, offensive to both Protestants and Catholics alike. A university that once played a major role in educating the Protestant elite of early America has become so secularized that the worship of the Devil himself is openly accepted, sponsored and embraced by the students of the Harvard Extension. In only my third post at Life At 25, I talked about the realities that we as a Church and as a people of faith must face as we are entering a post-adorationHost2Christian society. That is nowhere more evident these last few days than at Harvard Yard.

It should be pointed out that many of the people who will likely be engaging in this exercise at Harvard may not be doing so out of a deliberate attempt to entice the forces of evil, but as an action of radical counter-cultural rebellion of the kind often seen on many college campuses. As has previously been written here at Life At 25 however, the forces of spiritual darkness are not something that should be treated as trivial or toyed with. Those who do so can find themselves slaves to those same forces in their lives. It is for this reason that we need not only to pray that somehow this event does not take place as planned, but pray very actively for those involved in this thing. Not only should we pray for a conversion of heart and thought for these people, but earnestly pray that they repent for the good not only of their souls, but perhaps even their very lives.

The other thing that can be done in the wake of news such as comes out of Massachusetts is to overcome evil with good. Catholics in the Archdiocese of Boston are doing that by sponsoring a procession and Holy Hour at St. Paul’s Church in Harvard Square while all of this is supposedly going on. In the last post, we talked about people here in the Diocese of Knoxville doing things for the love of Christ. Reflecting and spreading Christ’s love is the only way that the Church can defeat evil, so every mouth we feed, back we clothe, person we help in Christ’s name spreads that love. While the Church rightly warn the students of Harvard about playing with the deepest and darkest side of what is really anti-spirituality, the Church should continue to represent Jesus Christ even to those who blaspheme his name.